VARFLEX: Manufacturing the World's Finest Electrical Insulating Sleeving Since 1924.

Varflex Corporation has been producing electrical insulating sleeving exclusively since its founding and incorporation on May 24, 1924. The production facility in Rome, New York employs 100 people and, after its most recent expansion in 2008, occupies over 144,000 square feet.

Through the years, Varflex has pioneered a number of major developments in sleeving design and production. Not only was Varflex the first to braid fiberglass sleeving and use silicone varnishes to coat them, Varflex has continued to develop new kinds of sleeving that play vital roles in many types of electrical equipment and aircraft in both the commercial and military markets.

In addition to generating and pursuing new business opportunities, Varflex maintains long-term relationships with many of its customers by continuing to supply them with the highest-quality electrical insulating sleeving and exceptional service.